"The higher the heel, the closer to God"

Can we just take a moment and appreciate all the gorgeous black shoes they sell at H&M? I mean, they have so many different shoes, both basic and something a bit different. I'm one who's currently looking at filling my wardrobe up with some essentials before college, so of course some black pumps are on my list. However, I've never really been a heels person, so I'm super picky when it comes to heels, or shoes in general. Super. Picky. Luckily I stumbled upon some perfect heels from H&M that are perfect, and not too expensive! I know, I should invest in good shoes, but I use heels like four times a year, so I really don't think I need Pradas. Yet. One day....

Here they are! Amazing, don't you think? Oh, and just click on the shoe to go to the webpage to get them. Whiii! 299,-

Love the little zipper and open toe- usually I think open toes are horrible, but it's so small and delicate! 349,-

These are really weird- and really cool! Not sure if I could pull them off, but aaah, how I wish I could! 349,-

What even are these?! I have no idea, but I_love_them! 349,-

This one is sooo cute! Think I should get these ones as well- they are shorter, pointy and open, and look a bit more professional yet cool. 399,-

I had to stop and look at these- such an interesting cut, showing of the entire heel. Hmmm... 599,-

This pair is so pretty! Thin lines, gold and black and ahhh, so delicate! They look expensive- and sort of are (for H&M that is...) 999.-

If you could only have ONE PAIR OF HEELS, which ones would it be?

n hjerteknuser


02.09.2014 kl.22:22

Sykt tffe de som er nr3, sandelene!!

Maria Volpe

04.09.2014 kl.11:20

Den sorte pumpsen er tidls og et fantastisk valg, er fortsatt p jakt etter det perfekte og behagelige parret, man skulle nesten trodd at noe s enkelt skulle vre enkelt finne, men nei da. Til sprsmlet ditt har kun de nye dior pumpsene mine her i Italia, p tross av brostein og tyn stilett hel s mtte de med! S jeg har i grunn kun one pair of heels og det ble de! Ogs trenger jeg et par med fine wedge, mer praktsik til trippe p brostein med :p

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